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文都冲刺指导英译汉试题中常考句型示例与翻译 第036句 Teenagers are especially self- conscious and need the confidence that comes from achieving success and knowing that their accomplishmentsare admired by others. 译文:



Teenagers are especially self-conscious and need the confidence that comes from achieving success and knowing that their accomplishments are admired by others.


点睛:are...self-conscious和 need the confidence...为句子的并列谓语部分。第一个that引导的是以confidence为先行词的定语从句。第二个that引导的是knowing的宾语从句。achieving…和knowing...为并列结构,共同作from的宾语。

  1. with + 名词 + 现在分词或过去分词所构成的独立主格:


The typical teenage lifestyle is already filled with so much competition that it would be wise to plan activities in which there are more winners than losers.


点睛:句中包含so…that...的结构,表示“太…以至于/以致”。it为that引导的结果状语从句的形式主语,不定式结构to plan...为真正的主语。which引导的是以activities为先行词的定语从句,其中more…than…是典型的比较结构。be filled with意为“充满”。


  • fill up充满
    The hall quickly started to fill up.

  • fill sth. doing sth.占据(时间)做某事
    Harry filled his spare time playing basketball.

  • fill yourself( with)吃饱
    Don't fill yourself with sweets.

  • fill sth. out填写某物
    You should fill out the form.

  1) With the prices and house rents increasing rapidly, many young university graduates cannot earn their living, let alone support their parents. (21 words)


It was not until the 19th century that the newspaper became the dominant pre-electronic medium, following in the wake of the pamphlet and the book and in the company of the periodical正规网投网站,.


点睛:句中包含it is…that.…的强调句式,被强调的是not until the 19th century这一时间状语,that之后的部分保持正常陈述语序。现在分词短语following...作句子的伴随状语,其中in the wake of意为“紧跟,效仿”,in the company of意为“伴随,陪伴”。

考点归纳:not until的强调结构有以下两种形式:

  • It is not until...that...
    It was not until he told me that I knew it,

  • not until置于句首,后面用倒装结构表强调:
    Not until he told me did I know it.



As time went by, computers became smaller and more powerful, and they became "personal" too, as well as institutional, with display becoming sharper and storage capacity increasing.


点睛:as time went by为时间状语从句。as well as institutional为补语。介词短语with...作句子的伴随状语,其中display是名词,意为“显示器”。

  2. not so much … as … (=less … more …) 的译法:


It was within the computer age that the term "information society" began to be widely used to describe the context within which we now live.


点睛:句中包含it is...that...的强调句式,被强调的是时间状语within the computer age;which引导的是以context为先行词的定语从句,关系代词which之前的介词within和从句中的谓语动词live构成搭配。

  2)In order to detect the misprints in a single print, the proofreader has to notice not so much the meaning of what he reads as the exact shape and order of letters and words in the text. (37 words)


  3. more … than 的译法:逆序法。

  3) There is more agreement on the kinds of behavior referred to by the term intelligence than there is on how to interpret or classify them. (26 words)


  4) Railroads typically charge such “captive” shippers 20 to 30 percent more than they do when another railroad is competing for the business. (2003试题)


  5) They teach very well, and more than earn their salaries, but most of them make little or no independent reflections on human problems which involve moral judgment. (2006试题)


  4. as … as … , as much … as …, as many … as … , as well as …, as 从句,not … , as … 的灵活译法:

  6) While there are almost as many definitions of history as there are historians, modern practice most closely conforms to one that sees history as the attempt to recreate and explain the significant events of the past. (36 words)


  7) But surely that does not mean environmentalists concerned about uncontrolled industrial growth are anti-science, as an essay in US News & World Report last May seemed to suggest.


  5. what从句的译法 - what词义的引申译法:

  8) What he has demonstrated, he believes, is that lack of control over an event, not the experience itself, is what weakens the immune system. (24 words)

  译文:他认为,他所论证的 是,缺乏对事件的驾驭能力而不是经验本身是削弱免疫系统的原因。

  6. 定语从句的前置合译法:

  9)On the whole, such a conclusion can be drawn with a certain degree of confidence, but only if the child can be assumed to have had the same attitude towards the test as the others with whom he is being compared, and only if he was not punished by lack of relevant information which they possessed. (58 words)


  7. 定语从句的前置合译法与后置分译法:

  8. 定语从句的溶合译法:

  10)This assumption rests on the fallacy of the inherent laziness in human nature; actually, aside from abnormally lazy people, there would be very few who would not want to earn more than the minimum, and who would prefer to do nothing rather than work.


  9. 形容词短语前置,用法相当于分词短语,表示各种隐含的状语意义:

  10. 形容词短语后置,作定语,用法相当于分词短语,可合译,也可分译:(本句采用逆序法翻译)

  11)There is no agreement whether methodology refers to the concepts peculiar to historical work in general or to the research techniques appropriate to the various branches of historical inquiry. (29 words) 译法:上面整句采用逆序法翻译。


  11. not + 谓语动词 … + because … 的否定转移译法:

  12)Individual manufacturers do not necessarily rely on their relatives because they cannot obtain financial support from commercial banks. They may actually avoid them because they assume that the banks either cannot understand their special needs or charge unreasonably high interest rates. (41 words)



  12. not that … , but that …或强调形式:It is not that …, but that … 的汉译:

  13)Our boast is not that we have more ideas or brilliant ideas but that our ideas are better tested.


  13. It was not until that … 与Not until … 的译法:

  14)As was discussed before, it was not until the 19th century that the newspaper became the dominant pre-electronic medium. (=It was discussed before that not until the 19th century did the newspaper become the dominant pre-electronic medium.)


  14. as 引导的特殊状语从句的译法:当作定语从句来翻译

  15)Dr. Pyke contended that the scientific revolution, as we call it, is largely the improvement and invention and use of a series of instruments that expanded the reach of science in innumerable directions.


  15. cannot… too … 的译法: 再…也不过分,越…越好,应该…


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